This is Bamiyan

Bamiyan’s cultural heritage is evident in a wide range of creative activities. Music, embroidery, carpet weaving, traditional dress making, wood-carving and photography are but a few of the activities that Bamiyan people are engage in. Bamiyan also holds a strong grip in the imagination of international audiences and has the ability to become a well-known international brand.

In order to communicate and leverage this brand potential, manifested in tourism and sport, the carpet industry and other handicrafts, Bamiyan Cultural Centre announced a logo that synthesises Bamiyan as a brand. The logo can be freely used by artists and conveners who produce creativeness through Bamiyan’s characteristic. The logo can be downloaded here:

Acknowledging its creativeness in craft works, the historic city of Bamiyan was enlisted in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2015. Explore below examples from some of their beautiful works which bear unlimited potential.

For the past decades, despite the challenges in the region, the Bamiyani youth pursues ambitious goals to record tangible and intangible culture and lives of Bamiyan through using multi-media. With its beautiful nature, Bamiyan is a place where you can effectively project the beauty and sereneness of Afghanistan apart from the conflicting situation of which the country is often described with. Numerous professional and amateur photographers and film-makers both as males and females of more than 30-40 people, are active in the field of photography and filming within Bamiyan province.

Photography and Filming

Traditional dresses in Afghanistan reflect diversity and richness of local arts and culture. As many other dresses are in Afghanistan, Bamiyan and central region of Afghan dresses are colorful, and diverse in material and design. Women’s clothing is mostly made with colorful cotton textiles, with white silky embroidery on them. Men’s clothing can be also made with cotton, but Bamiyani wool felt (Barak) vests or jackets are also popular. Women mostly wear beautiful hats and vests decorated with silver coins. The coins function as ornaments of the clothing to show the value of the person, but in the ancient time it functioned as a personal bank as they could pay things with the coins on their own hats and vests.

Traditional Dresses

Afghanistan has a rich and varied history of craft production over many centuries and provide ample opportunity for tourists to acquire a tangible memory of their trip to the region. Handicrafts are very regional in style and form in Afghanistan, and the patterns of the carpets found in Bamiyan may not be found elsewhere in the country.

Weaving products from Bamiyan can be categorised from small and big Kilims or wool carpets which is woven often by women in the rural areas on traditional looms, to Namats, which comes in variety of sizes, colours and designs.

Namats are especially famous and unique in Bamiyan. Its designs range from traditional Hazara motifs to more Kyrgyz influenced patterns. The textiles are made of felt and are produced by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibres together.

Carpet Weaving and Embroidery

Ski is a very new sport in Afghanistan. Known as the heart of winter sports in the country, Bamiyan offers beautiful slopes for skiers and snowboarders, especially around the Kuh-e-Baba mountain. The famous “Afghan Ski Challenge” is hosted every year and have been welcoming numerous participants from Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The province owns four Ski Clubs hosting more than 100 Skiers. Visit Bamiyan Ski Club webpage for more information on the annual Challenge:


Bamiyan has been organising Tour-de-Bamiyan for the past years and invited locals and internationals to join the cycling competition around the Bamiyan province. Cycling has become one of the most welcomed sports in Bamiyan which attracted many females and males throughout the region. Thanks to people’s enthusiasm, Bamiyan is known as the first province where women freely cycle and even compete with male participants in the game.


Bamiyan is located in central highland region of Afghanistan, surrounded with Kuh-e-Baba and Hindu Kush mountains. The beautiful and priceless landscape provide visitors with numerous adventure tours for hiking and trekking.