My Bamiyan Cultural Centre

Launch of the Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition

The Bamiyan Culture Centre design competition was an open international architectural design project competition conducted in one stage, organized in accordance with the UNESCO-UIA Standard Regulations for International Competition in Architecture and Town Planning.

The competition was an open call for proposals based on an anonymous design submission. Architects, engineers, designers and students were invited develop and submit a proposal for the Cultural Centre in Bamiyan, as individuals, companies or joint ventures. One team member had to be a licensed / registered architect.

Participation in the competition was free and open to all without restriction of country of origin. The competition opened on 15 November 2014 and ended on 23 January 2015.


Critical Principles of Design

1. Create an innovative design.

2. Create a vital centre for the cultural community of Bamiyan allowing individuals to commune and share ideas.

3. Integrate the Bamiyan Valley view into the building design and create a positive visual impact on the Cultural Landscape of Bamiyan Valley.

4. Integrate an environmentally conscious design, which in the Bamiyan context should consider locally resourced materials, climate and efficiency.

5. Connect to the historical context of the World Heritage property.


Selection Process

A group of seven professional and experienced Jury members examined each of the designs and voted for an Argentina-based architecture team as the winning entry (BCC738) and for four runners-up from Turkey (BCC2009), Cyprus (BCC4104), France (BCC2022) and the Netherlands (BCC3532). The work of Carlos Nahuel Recabarren and his fellow team members Manuel Alberto Martinez Catalan and Franco Morero’s from Argentina was selected from an astonishing 1,070 design proposals submitted from 117 countries.

The assessment of the applications was made in accordance with the pre-defined criteria, and the selections were made anonymously by a unique user code that was given to each of the entries at the time of the submission. In making its selection, the jury applied design principles emphasizing innovation, community needs, environmental consciousness, sustainability and connection to the natural and cultural landscape of the Bamiyan Valley.

From this page, you will find the full 1,070 desgin proposals submitted to the Bamiyan Cultural Centre design competition.