The Winner

Manuel Martínez, Franco Morero and Nahuel Recabarren

Participating in the competition for the Bamiyan Cultural Center was a very exciting experience for us. Even if we were very young at the time, we remember when the Buddha statues were destroyed. For some reason the images of the event remained in our minds, so when we saw the competition we immediately knew that we had to be a part of it. It was a challenge to work as a team for the project given that for personal reasons we were living in different continents at the moment. However we felt the need to make our best effort since in architecture it is rare to find opportunities in which one can work in situation of such significance. To have the chance to contribute to the preservation and development of cultural heritage of Afghanistan is a reason for great happiness for us.

M2R Arquitectos is an Argentinian architectural firm founded in 2011 by Manuel Martínez, Franco Morero and Nahuel Recabarren. We have received national and international awards and our projects have been published in the specialized and general press. Currently, we are a team of professionals located both in Argentina and Spain. Our work covers the integral building process from the design stages to construction.



The Winning Design ( BCC000738 )

Description Memory: The Eternal presence of Absence

The Bamiyan Culture Centre seeks to create a new vital centre for communicating and sharing ideas. Therefore, our proposal tries to create not am object-building but rather a meeting place, a system of negative spaces where impressive landscape of the Buddha Cliffs intervene with the rich cultural activity that center will foster. The Bamiyan Culture centre then is not build but rather ‘found’ or ‘discovered’ by craving it out of the ground. This primordial architectural strategy creates a minimal impact building that fully integrates into the landscape, takes advantageous of thermal inertia and insulation of the ground and gives a nod to the ancient local building traditions.

Four Runner-ups: