UNESCO’s mandate is to contribute in the areas of education, science, and culture for the purpose of promoting peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. With the implementation of each of its projects, UNESCO is helping to rebuild and bring sustainable development to the Afghan nation.

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre will be a cornerstone in efforts to preserve culture, promote research and build community around culture, in order to build cohesion in a fractured cultural context. The Centre will provide space for archaeological and ethnographic artefacts from across the country and serve as a multi-purpose state-of-the art cultural complex and research facility. The building will provide adaptable space that can be used for variety of culture-related purposes, ultimately benefiting many stakeholders across a wide demographic.

Mission Concepts:

  1. Enrich community life through a variety of programs and cultural events, such as festivals, films, drama, music, dance, etc., in ways that reflect the culture of the region, disseminate culture information, and raise awareness about cultural heritage.
  2. Provide a venue and organize cultural, educational and recreational programs in order for the public to learn and appreciate different facets of Afghanistan’s heritage, history and cultural context.
  3. Foster and cultivate cultural exchange between different ethnic groups in Afghanistan to contribute meaningfully to the spirit of multiculturalism.
  4. Promote the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts by coordinating arts advocacy.
  5. Serve the community by establishing, maintaining and operating a unique facility, and provide services that contribute to the vitality of the community.
  6. Serve the democratic society by providing a public space for civil society.